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We build brands and e-commerce software

Our vision

Through optimized work flows and easy expansion possiblities, it is our goal to become the preferred e-commerce platform for medium-large size e-commerce businesses.

You have the power & control

We provide you with the platform and the tools, allowing you to manage customizations and scaling your business without relying on third-parties. When you're in control, you can move fast and beat your competitors.

  • Liquid templates

    Liquid is a powerful templating engine, which, combined with a custom Codefort Liquid filters and objects makes it possible to do almost everything you want with your store. It's used by more than 1.000.000 e-commerce stores world-wide, which makes it easy to find and onboard new developers and agencies.

  • Custom checkouts

    All templates can be customized to reflect your brand and identity. Build custom checkouts with localizations and specialized checkout flows to increase your customer experience and convertion rates.

  • Subscriptions & loyalty programs

    With our built-in subscription features, loyalty- and referral programs, you can build recurring revenue streams and improve the word of mouth.

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Scaling doesn't need to be hard

Expanding your business to multiple markets is quite easy with Codefort. Through your dashboard you can control your design for all of your stores, as well as all data is gathered in one place.

  • Cloud Infrastructure

    As Codefort ONE is a hosted platform, we take care of servers and databases. Never worry about downtime or Black Friday-trafic spikes.

  • Operation and logistics

    Larger e-commerce stores can quickly require a big operations team. With bundled and inventory products, you can simplify your fulfilment workflows.

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Our projects

Brands born at codefort

Nailster logo

Gel polish at home has never been eaiser. Complete startkits, great guide universe and +5000 active members on Facebook

Pearlwax logo

Pearlwax is the #1 brand at professional home waxing kit. With over 400.000 satisfied customers worldwide.

Master of Mixes Danmark logo

Master Your Cocktail Advanture with the #1 purchased brand of cocktail mix flavors in the U.S. Now in Denmark!

Third party integrations

Connect with your favourite third party providers. All apps and integrations are included.

Klarna. Take advantage of all the payment methods available with the Klarna checkout v3.
Webshipper. Ease your logistics and integrate with the most popular shipping providers.
Facebook. Stay ajour on your marketing metrics. Track your ads performance back to your ad account.
Epay. Start taking online payments with payment gateway ePay.
Google Analytics. Measure your advertising ROI and track your online performance.
Multisafepay. Start taking online payments with MultisafePay.
PayPal. Payment provider operating in 200 countries and 25 currencies.
QuickPay. Popular payment gateway with common payment methods.
Stripe. Powerful and flexible payment provider for internet commerce.
OnlinePOS. Integrate with your Point of Sale system. Sell online and execute in-store. For example Take-Away.
Snapchat. Reach an engaged audience with Snapchat Ads for Business.
Pinterest. Track your marketing performance from fast growing social media platform.
Mailchimp. Email Marketing that helps you drive traffic, increase conversion, and grow sales.
Adsninja. Affiliate network that helps companies that do business on the Internet get more visitors, sales and leads.
PartnerAds. Affiliate Network that serves you in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.
EcomStack. Increase your re-purchase rate with personalized marketing with EcomStack.
GatewayAPI. GatewayAPI is a simple API to push SMS in more than 200 countries.
Zendesk. Manage your customer service efficiently with Zendesk™.

Using an app not listed above?
Let's integrate it for you.

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