E-commerce Frontend Developer

Codefort is hiring an experienced e-commerce frontend developer to help keep up with our increasing demand for our product.

We're a hosted e-commerce platform with a focus on medium-large scale e-commerce businesses.

We're using Shopify's Liquid engine for templating, so working in Codefort will be very familiar if you've been working with Liquid templates in Shopify.

About the job
You'll be a key player in growing our customer base by launching new e-commerce sites and assist our current customer base, expanding their existing businesses.

You'll be developing and launching multiple webshops each month. Most shops are custom designs from client design files. Most mock-ups are often rough sketches or only a few pages and have much flexibility. Clients appreciate when we're providing ideas, solutions, and compromises. Therefore an eye for e-commerce design and UX is expected.

You'll be creating skeleton themes, templates, and snippets for our clients, external developers, and yourself to make it easier and more efficient to develop high-quality e-commerce sites.

You'll be communicating with clients during tasks to gather feedback and iterate on the design and experience of the webshop. We don't believe in bureaucracy and huge upfront specifications. A workflow with more flexibility and iterations requires more communication with the client. However, it gives more freedom to solve the task in multiple ways and often results in a better endproduct.

About you
We're looking for a frontend developer with experience in building e-commerce sites. We expect you to have general knowledge around design, user-experience, and modern javascript frameworks. We don't expect you to be an expert in everything, and an essential trait is that you're an eager learner and problem solver.

We don't expect you to be a designer and don't expect you to design any webshops or graphics from scratch, but having an understanding of what works and doesn't work for the end-user is essential.

You'll be working primarily in Liquid, HTML, TailwindCSS, and VueJS.

You have extensive experience with building e-commerce sites.

It's a great advantage to have experience developing Shopify themes in Liquid templates, but not a necessity as it's easy to learn.
We're building our templating engine on the open-sourced Liquid engine, and most of our objects, filters, and tags are compatible with the Shopify specifications.

You need experience with basic javascript fundamentals, working with data and API calls, and data-oriented frameworks like VueJS or similar.

Pay and benefits
The salary is 5.000 EUR/month.

It's a fully remote, full-time position. However, you need to be living ±4 hours from CET.

You'll be working 37,5 hours/week. We expect you to work during regular working hours and in a consistent schedule, but are always flexible to make it work with your private life and family.

We're a Danish company and are therefore not able to hire you as a traditional employee unless you're living in Denmark. However, we're still giving you the same benefits as if you were employed in Denmark.

  • - 25 days of yearly paid leave.
  • - 10 extra days of paid leave for national holidays.
  • - Full salary during sick leave.
  • - Paid maternity leave.

We're paying up to 300 EUR/month to use towards any coworking space in your local area. The position is entirely remote, and you should be comfortable working from home and on your own most of the time. However, it can be great to get away from home once in a while.

We're paying up to 100 EUR/month for any learning materials, books, and services you need to develop your personal and professional skills.

We're providing you with the hardware and software you need to succeed. This includes a high-quality laptop and external monitors.

We're providing you with a Codefort credit card you can use on any company-related purchases and expenses during e.g., company trips.

About our company
We're a small company with five full-time employees.

We've been bootstrapping our platform for four years and are a profitable business. We don't believe in venture capital and crazy start-ups, hours, and whatever follows. We're quite the opposite.

We're an informal workplace that puts employees first. You'll get much responsibility, and we always trust that you are doing the best you can.

We're giving you space and time to focus on your tasks.

It's essential for us that you are always learning and developing your professional skills.

How to apply
Send an application to job@codefort.com.

We're not interested in your degrees and certificates but will much rather look at your real-life experiences and results.

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